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We will be closed from 12:15 to 1:30 Tuesday December 12 for our annual employee Christmas luncheon. 


Dear Quilters,

Fall is upon us and it is still hot and sticky outside. For those who are winter residents, this is our inside time. A great time to work on the unfinished projects, or even to start new ones. I am happy to say that I have finished many projects this summer and am trying to finish another one involving large hexies, which I will teach in the winter. I wasn't really certain that I would; but, now that I am starting to put it together, I am liking the way it is turning out.

We have added a couple of new teachers this Summer. Diana Forrest will be teaching Redwork. She already has some followers, me included. We have been making kitchen towels for the holidays. So don't be surprised if you get one. Our other teacher, Linda Chasse, will be teaching Brazilian Embroidery. She will teach one class in the fall and more after Christmas.

Lots of goings on in Dade City:   Northerners, this fall we have added a new monthly event, First Fridays. This event takes place from 5pm to 9pm. Stores are open, many musicians playing music in the streets, refreshments and carriage rides. A great "date night" for you and your friends.

Our Classic Car shows begin again on the first Saturday of the month along with our Farmer's Market!! On October 14th, the Scarecrow Festival is held at the Pioneer Museum just north of town with lots of events for children.    We also have our Fall Antique Faire, October 14 and 15th Downtown. A great time to pick up antiques and other items. November 4th brings the Unwrap for the Holidays and includes the Second Annual Snowball Flurry at 9 am. !!!

December deserves it's own paragraph. The Christmas Light Parade takes place at dusk on December 1st. Great way to get the whole family excited about the holidays. Dec. 9 is our Annual Christmas Stroll; shops will be open late, streets closed for wandering about. Again, there will be music, vendors, carriage rides and refreshments in the shops. Enjoy a real "small town" experience. The following Friday, December 15th, the merchants will have carriage rides on Church Street to enjoy the Holiday lights. The following weekend Dec. 21, 22, 23rd. don't miss Annual event: Church Street Christmas. Each evening the street is blocked off to allow pedestrian traffic ONLY, Dogs allowed. Lots of music and holiday cheer.

I know these activities don't center on quilting; but, I love this city and want to share some of the reasons I live here. There are activities at the Quilt shop too. The SEPTEMBER Red X Sale. All bolts marked with a Red X will be $5.00 a yard. A great time to get backing fabric or add to your stash. In October, we will have antique quilts and antiques for sale outside the shop. After all of your holiday eating and visiting, enjoy a day with us at our after holiday sale, Thursday, Dec. 28Th. Everything in the store will be 30 percent off.

We enjoy your visits anytime, especially when you bring in your show and tells. I will be adding some of mine to our Facebook Page throughout the Fall! Like us on Facebook and see the pictures

                                                   Hope you enjoy the holidays,



Blocks of the Month


Block of the Month

Carol's Corner

Hi Ya'll,

It's the middle of summer and at the moment is pouring down rain. Someone, somewhere flipped a switch on June 1st. We went from brown crunchy grass to rain, rain and more rain. Don't even get me started on the heat!! We tell each other this is our time to stitch (like winters up north). Thank goodness for AC. So, when I can, I turn on a sappy movie, pour a drink of something and stitch away. I just put a "Spanish Bar Cake" in the oven. Remember them from the A & P grocery store? It smells yummy. I'm sure I can stitch and eat cake at the same time....

I've been trying to remember what I've made recently. I have to admit, unfortunately, the list is not very long. A quilt I'll be teaching this fall is called "Sergeant Pepper". My daughter was very surprised that I made it as it's a bit modern looking but has nice areas to show off your quilting. (Thank you Roxie!) Another shop sample is called "Gene Pool" and done in batiks. (Another surprise to my daughter. What can I say? I'm broadening my horizons!) It's very easy stitching as it's just squares and rectangles but oh! does one have to stay organized! It's kind of like putting a jigsaw puzzle together as the colors shift down row after row. It's a great quilt, well worth the time.

I'm still working on my hexies. It will grow up to be a wall quilt instead of the queen I had hoped for as I need to have light at the end of this tunnel. I have so many hand projects I want to do and I'm being good (so far) and not pulling anything else out till this is done. (Notice I did not say START anything else).

Oh! The UFO's!!! They call, I ignore. I'm taking a couple of workshops with Edyta Sitar in the fall. What's two more unfinished things in the final scheme of things!!!!!

I meet so many wonderful people working at the shop. You come from all over and everyone has a story to tell or ideas to share. We laugh a lot, shed tears now and then and share special hugs and hopefully you leave with a smile in your heart. We had a delightful couple in from England a while ago. During a lovely chat she mentioned how much she enjoys reading the newsletter to her sewing group. So, a very special "Hello" to Sheila and her friends and hubby across the pond. I hope you'll visit again if you're back this way. Meantime, keep those machines humming!

The cake is out of the oven ready to be frosted and a cup of tea, a silly movie and my machine awaits.

Looking forward to seeing all our northern friends again. Please bring some cooler weather with you!

     Still Happily Stitching.


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