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Join us tomorrow, Saturday July 16th, for the First Annual "Dade City Christmas in July Art Walk"!  All the shops and most restaurants will host an artist who will be seated inside each shop/restaurant with a display of their artwork.

In honor of the The Art Walk our shop will have ALL fabric on SALE for 20% OFF!  And if you are a Plum Lane Bag Lady you will get 25% OFF....


 Please note that our 30% off SALE will be held Saturday August 13 from 9:00 - 7:00.

Dear Quilters,
Another winter blew by! Why is it the older I get, the faster me seems to pass? I guess that is why I haven't finished as many projects as I had intended! I did use up 20 fat quarters of Kaffe Face that have been sitting on one of my shelves. I have made two quilts out of them and am determined to do something else out of the rest! (Hardly made a dent on the shelf that's for sure!)

My next mission is to continue with paring down my stash. I have picked out three large pieces of fabric for borders, now I just have to pull out pieces to coordinate with them. Hmmmm, here is where I get in trouble. You see, I just can't find the "right" shade of blue or that perfect green print...So off to the quilt shop to buy more fat quarters!! Oh no!   So when you stop by, ask me how I'm doing with my stash and I'll ask you too!

   We are going to keep working on toothbrush rugs. (They really use up STASH).   I have scheduled several classes over the summer. I'm also going to start a "Pincushion a Month" program. Our first one will be in June. It will be a make it and take it class.   Should be lots of fun!        

   We will be monkeying around this summer also. HINT: Check out our window to see what I'm talking about. We are going to show you how to make a stuffed monkey; perfect for the children in your life or better yet the young at heart in your life.    

   I am still dyeing wool and coming up with some fun new colors. We are going to be making up new kits as soon as our flannel backgrounds arrive.    

   We are participating in the 2016 Row by Row Experience again this summer. Be sure to visit us this summer so you can join in the fun! The dates for the "experience" are June 21 - Sept. 6, 2016. You can also click on this link for complete details.

I hope you have a wonderful summer.



Blocks of the Month

Amish with a Twist, Series III: Best of Friends


This new block of the month is gorgeous. As you can see two versions of the quilt are pictured. With this 10 month program you will have the option to make either design. The cost is $22.95 per month. If you are interested in this quilt please call the shop for details.

Carol's Corner

Hi Ya'll,   

This has been a busy few months for me - but not because I've been stitching my little fingers off. My sewing since January has consisted of a few hours every now and then working on "Hosta" and evenings hand stitching my hexies. I'm putting the plates into rows now but it's a slow process. I'm not even laying them out on my design wall, just randomly picking them up. So far they all seem to be playing well together. Time will tell!

   The other thing I've been doing in the evenings is working my way through a wonderful book by Sue Spargo called "Creative Stitching". It's filled with unique stitches for embellishing applique especially wool - using yummy threads and yarns. My plan is to have an ongoing workshop working our way through the book. I had hoped to be ready for this flyer but you know how it goes - the best laid plans! Hopefully in the fall.  

   So what have I been doing the past few months? The biggest news is my daughter and Tim were married on February 29 (why Leap Year?   Tim says it's so he only has to buy a gift every four years. Trust me, Jenn straightened him out on that!) It was a very small wedding - close family and friends on the dock on our property. The weather was perfect as was everything else which still amazes me as we put it together in a week. They found out on the 23rd when they got the license, that weddings are no longer performed at the courthouse. We went into panic mode! Thank goodness for my buddy Sara. She put us in touch with a notary who did a lovely ceremony. Meanwhile Jenn's dress needed to be altered and shortened and we couldn't pick it up until the day before. And then to make matters worse, they told us they wanted the reception at our house! That's when I went into Double Panic Mode!! I'd been painting the dining room and everything was torn up and half done. So, petal to the metal, we made it semi presentable and ate on the patio. Most of the food was platters from Publix, so it was easy and relaxed. It was a lovely day, simple, just what they wanted. Doing it in a few days is the way to go, there's no time to fret the small stuff. 

   My weekends have been filled with working on our house. Nothing major (yet) just painting, putting up new trim and laying a new floor. What a difference a few cosmetic changes make. The biggest challenge still lies ahead - the kitchen. I have my wants and Leo has "what he'll agree to". We'll see how it turns out. I'm finding a can of paint can do miracles!

As summers go in Florida, we're slower and have a lot of open days on our calendar. If anyone would like some extra help or there's a class you'd like to do please let us know. We'll do our best to help you out. Sara is happy to teach Hawaiian Applique or The Hedgehogs and Chong will do a machine quilting class for a group of three or more. And I'm pretty much a sucker - ask and I'll probably say yes!

   Have a wonderful summer - if it goes as fast as this winter did, we won't have to suffer the heat for too long (I hope)....It's coming!

   Thank you all for your continued support. Keep bringing in those finished projects. Show and tell never goes out of style!

My best to you all.

Still happily stitching,


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