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September 2016
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Dear Quilters,

   I hope your summer has meant vacations, and relaxation.  I actually took a week off this summer and was able to sew something for myself.  I also cleaned out my sewing room.  I refolded all the fabric on the shelves; cleaned off my sewing table and put all the pa erns and books back where they belong!  I was so pleased with myself until I turned around and found a three foot pile of "things" that didn't have a home.  They are still there because I vowed not to stuff them in a closet or somewhere else out of sight!  So much for staying home for vacation - Next time I am heading out!

   We have a busy fall coming up - We have many new classes and two new blocks of the month (BOM). The BOM is a nine (9) month program called Star Spangled Liberty by Marcus Fabrics.  If you love Americana quilts this one is for you.  There are 15 openings and we are currently accepting reservations.

    The next BOM is Christmas wool applique project called Cozy Christmas, by Calico Patch Designs.  It is a twelve (12) month program of wool applique on cotton.  This will be a charming addition to your home. We will send out an email when further details as they become available.   

   We are so fortunate to live in the quaint community of Dade City.  They are planning many events this fall and winter.  September 9th brings a "down home" Fish Fry and Music event at the Pioneer Museum just north of town. (you can come in to the shop for tickets).  October 8th & 9th will be busy with the Fall Antique Faire and also a Scarecrow Festival on the 8th at the Pioneer Museum.  Check out the other events listed at the back of the newsletter and come join in the fun!  And yes...the Car shows begin the first Saturday in September. 

Still trying to finish my half done projects...ask me how I'm doing!


Blocks of the Month

Carol's Corner

Hi Ya'll,   

   I'm sure most of you have been to quilt shows, large, small, national, local. Some better than others but always a feast for the eyes and a ton of inspiration, not to mention ALL TH0SE VENDORS!!!! I had the opportunity to see the AQS show that was held in Daytona this past spring. OMG!! It was amazing to say the least.

   I was surprised by the huge number of what I would consider "art quilts." The creativity, colors and amount of quilting (some beautifully done by hand) blew me away. I was also surprised by the lack of traditional quilts, a handful maybe. What this says to me is that quilters are no longer afraid to think out of the box. They're using their imagination, doing their own thing and loving the journey. YAY!!

   I've been thinking about how one views a quilt show. We stop and study the quilts that speak to us. We're awed by the workmanship, inspired by the design and the choice of colors amazes us. How many hours were spent on the quilting alone? we wonder. We drink in our fill and move on to the next but the next holds no "wow" factor for us so with a glance and maybe a "what were they thinking" face we move on. But what if we stopped and really looked at the unappealing colors, the miss matched seams and the lumpy binding. What would we really see? Love? Joy? Sadness? Tears? A first quilt proudly on display for all to view or bits and pieces of someone's life while they were just trying to hang on.

   I am number one guilty of making the "what were they thinking" face. Now I try to stop and really see those quilts that aren't calling to me. I want to know their story and possibly learn something about myself. Why doesn't this piece appeal to me? Is it the colors or the pattern? I no longer want to be so judgmental. I want to enjoy, appreciate and be inspired. Quilting should be all about love and sharing and self-worth. Let's leave the criticism out of it.

   So I hope you all will keep stitching, anything you want, any way you want. Continue to enjoy every stitch and don't ever be ashamed or embarrassed to show off your work. Display it proudly but if you decide to enter it in a show be prepared for the "what were they thinking" face. No matter what we do or how hard we try there will always be those who see things differently from us. Does it really matter? Maybe. Can we change it? Probably not.

Still happily stitching (and hopefully less judgemental)


P.S. Our very own Diane LaCombe had her "Pinwheels and Twirly Balls" quilt accepted to the AQS show and also the show in Paducah. We are all so very proud of her. Way to go Diane!!!!!

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