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Dear Quilters,

Our newsletter is a bit late but we have some great reasons for that. Number 1: We were hit by lightning this summer and had to buy a new computer but fortunately we were able to save our data but it took time to reload it all. We are still working on repairs and we still need to get one of the phone lines reestablished.

We have also been very busy moving over to a new POS System, which will enable us to sell some things on line. We will start with a few of our kits and then it will be up to you! Let us know what you would like to see.

We are offering an exciting group of classes in the Fall and Winter – so stay tuned!

Our newest classes include a Barn Quilt Painting Class. We have already had two and have people waiting for the next ones. If you are interested, be sure to call the shop to get your name on the list.

Cindy Curcio will be offering a new fusible applique class of her own design. She will also be teaching an apparel class. The Bondi Blouse, which is perfect for our warm weather. We are so happy to have Cindy with us as she not only teaches but designs!

Our other Designer, teacher, Darlene Leosh is returning with some interesting new takes on bargello and One Block Wonders! Darlene’s husband is currently recovering from back surgery, so she may not start classes until Winter.

Ellen Sheridan has returned from her extended travels and has decided to settle here with us! She will start teaching in October with a pattern called All Tangled Up! It uses a jelly roll – so pull one out of your stash – I know you have one!

Ellen has also been busy making samples for the shop! Come in and check them out!.

Once the new computer system is up and running, I will go back to dyeing wool. I have found some new wool patterns which I am working on.

So, you see, the Summer may be hot and business slower but we are all keeping busy! (Just ask the staff, they are all saying “what will she think of next”)

We all look forward to your visits and love your show and tells! The inspire us to do more!

See you this Fall!


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