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Dear Quilters, 


   Lately I have been thinking a lot about all of you who come to the shop. I am grateful for your support throughout the years we have been open. So often, we don't tell people how important they are to us. Well, here goes. I am grateful for all of those who work for me. They have become more than employees as our lives intertwine We have gone through illnesses, knee replacements, losses, marriages, grandchildren, and more. I treasure all of you and fear I haven't told you so.     I am grateful for my volunteers who come to help during sales. You work all day long, putting away fabric, writing tickets etc. Will you accept pay, oh no, just a hug.  Well, thank you for all that you do.

     I am grateful for my family and their support in my "crazy retirement adventure" they have had to move all family events to Sunday, as I am the Saturday help at the shop. They built shelves, helped when we were shorthanded and, as grandchildren grew older, helped in the shop. Thank you all.

  Thanks to the Merchants Association and the Chamber of Commerce, and the Pioneer Museum who have created all the wonderful events that bring people to the Dade City area. So many of these people work tirelessly and volunteer their time to make these events unfold. You are all appreciated, more than you know.     I am thankful for those of you who come to our evening group events. You are family. You have brought many recipes and friendship to the shop.

     What I am trying to say is, a quilt shop is not just a place to work, it is a home for all who enter.   We care about all that you are going through in your lives and are happy to divert your pain with the joys of picking colors and figuring amounts. We all love it when you bring in your finished quilts to admire and inspire us. Thank you for sending texts and photos of your quilts when you are traveling.

   Please, don't forget to let those around you know how much they are loved and appreciated, life passes in a blink of the eye.

   I want to wish you a Happy New Year, and just know my one resolution is to use up some of my stash!!!

Love to all,



Blocks of the Month



New Block of the Month

Do you want to get ahead of the rush? Schedule a me in December to have your quilt quilted and get started now. The quilt is a 60 X 75 inch quilt made of co on and wool. Each month you receive co on fabrics for background and sashings and wool to complete the center square for that month. The kit will include all the wool and co on fabrics to complete the project, plus binding as well as pa erns. You can embellish as you desire with beads, embroidery, etc.   The price is $19.95 per month. I will be meeting at the shop on the second Tuesday at 5:30 pm. If you bring in a completed month, you will be in the drawing for prizes! If you can't come please send us a picture of your completed work. Join us for the fun.


by Marcus Fabrics

This is a nine (9) month program called Star Spangled Liberty. If you love Americana quilts this one is for you. There are 15 openings and we are currently accepting reservations

Carol's Corner

Hi Ya'll,

   Are the years flying by as fast for you as they are for me? I swear someone (maybe those pesky Gremlins) are stealing hours from my days and days from my weeks. I'm sure it was a very short me ago I was wishing you a good summer-now I'm asking how it went! I hope you all had an enjoyable and healthy few months.

     I visited my sister for a week in August and of course had a grand me. We went to a nice shop on Cape Cod. Lots of Kaffe Fasse and Australian fabrics which are some of my favorites. I was good, I only minorly indulged! Les bought for two projects that we got started on but didn't finish. Other fun stuff had to be done! A trip to Block Island, facials (OMG! If you've never had one, indulge. It was heavenly!) And a Jimmy Buffet concert. It was so much fun and all those crazy tail-gaiting parrot heads were a riot! UPS delivered two boxes to me just yesterday filled with Les's UFO's. She'll be here for ten days and as you can tell we have big plans to finish them up but who knows how far we'll get. One thing is for sure, fun will be had and wine will be drunk!

     Did I ever mention the booties I made for my ironing board? My sewing room is small (poor me!). My board sits in front of my design wall which covers shelves holding fabric. When I want something I have to slide the board out of the way and it was scratching the floor. What to do? Make booties! I had some gray Sherpa (don't ask me why), cut four circles, ran a heavy thread around the edge and tied them on. Works like a charm! They do pick up dust, threads, cat hair etc. so occasionally I have to clean the crud off but it's not a big deal. Works like a charm.

     The other thing I have that I love is a bungee cord chair. It's a regular office chair, goes up and down, rolls, swivels but the seat and back are bungee cords. Very comfy. Best sewing chair I've ever had.

     I know I've talked many times about organization and here I go again. I've been going through my stuff again, purging (some of) the things I've been hanging onto for years-I'm SURE I'll have a need for it...yeah right! You know how much I love wool. Well it finally dawned on me that if I switched my wool with all those UFO's I wouldn't have to step over bags and shift containers every time I wanted something. Another plus, the UFO's are not staring me in the face anymore. It's so much better! So, get organized but think about how and when you use things, kind of like your kitchen. And if you're looking for suggestions I'm always happy to help......the important thing is JUST HAVE FUN!

     Looking forward to seeing you and of course bring in your projects and share them with us. You all are such a huge inspiration, thank you!

Still Happily Stitching.     Carol

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