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Hi everyone!

   Where does the time go?  Northerners have headed back to their summer homes and we are beginning to feel the heat and humidity here!  Time for us all to get sewing!  My idea for a good summer?  Rainy days, not the kind that put out the electricity but the kind that make you stay in and sew.

   We have a lot going on this summer, with a special coupon for May and 2 Summer Hops!  Our June stroll will cover the TampaBay Area;  bring your friends for plenty of fun!  This year we are going to be part of a Cross Central Florida Hop from July 16th to August 19th.  Many prizes and a free fat quarter from each shop you visit (this hop costs $6.00 for a passport).

   We have just recently received a shipment of beautiful Indigoes and batiks, so come and check them out. We also have two new Blocks of the Month beginning this Summer:  Bouquets for a New Day and House Warming Party check out page 4 for pictures.  Call the shop if for more information and/or if you want to sign up!

   Due to the rising costs associate with snail mail, this will be our last bulk mailing of the newsletter.  Beginning in September, if you want the newsletter mailed to you, there will be a $4.50 annual fee, payable in advance.  If you wish to receive it FREE we will continue to send it out via email.  Please contact the shop with your email address and we will add it to our list.  For those of you who do not have email we will have printed copies of the newsletter available at the shop.

   I am still busy dyeing wool, working on new shop samples and trying to get something done about my QIP’s (Quilts in Progress) and staring at shelves full of fabric which keep beckoning me to “use them next”!

Hope you all have a great summer and keep stitching!

                                                                                                         Happily Stitching!




By Vicky Belino, Bloom Creek
                                            Six month Program

                                                                                                                     BOUQUETS FOR A NEW DAY
by Sue Garman
Twelve month Program

**Call the shop for details….please note that space is limited



Carol's Corner

Hi Y’all!
  I came home from work this evening and our seven calves and some of the Mama's were up by the fence next to our house. I stopped to visit, they just stared at me with those big brown eyes and went back to munching grass.    Thirty minutes later Leo and I went out and baby number eight was on the ground. Brand new! Still wet! So small and fresh and cute as a button. We watched for quite awhile as Mama talked and washed and talked some more. Baby was finally up and moving on very wobbly legs and after several failed attempts located the groceries.    There's nothing more precious than a brand new baby. It makes one realize just how amazing life really is!
Speaking of new and amazing......I'm finally out from under all my obligations and have been working on some new things I'm very excited about. I've finished one top called "Cranberry Chutney". It's done in batiks and has a more modern feel but would be great in most anything. Currently in progress is an Eleanor Burns Log Cabin variation. I'm enjoying working on a traditional pattern with an updated spin to it. I'm offering both as classes this session so stop by the shop and check them out. The Log Cabin should be there soon. I'll also be teaching a chenille rug or table runner. It's a great way to learn the technique.
   In front of me is the shelf holding a stack of UFO's. My goal in January was to finish a few of them. So much for that! New fabrics and patterns kept arriving and way too many of them followed me home. Now there is a stack of new projects piled on the floor in front of the shelf holding my UFO's. With any luck, before long the new will hide the old and my guilt won't be staring me in the face. Why is it we love it when it's new but as soon as something more enticing comes along it takes a back seat. Aahh, quilter's are such fickle creatures! The long hot summer is looming and since I'm not a sun worshiper I'm hoping to accomplish great things. With any luck I'll have a few new classes in the fall and winter. As always, if anyone wants a class not on the schedule or has a suggestion for one please let us know. We'll do our best to accomodate.
   I hope you all have a safe and healthy summer and those of you up north, relief from the cold. I kind of know the feeling, come August in Florida I'm over it! Enjoy life...every day is precious.

Still Happily Stitchin'



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