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Dear Quilters,

This winter went by so quickly, I didn't get to visit much with our winter friends! It was a whirlwind of activity! I only hope the summer passes as quickly, as I am finding the heat less desirable every year.

   I have been following Kathy Doughty's articles in Quiltmania Moderne magazine which comes out quarterly - (we carry the magazine). She is another Aussie with an interesting take on color and design. (She designs fabric for In the Beginning) I am working on one of her quilts now and hope to try it out in August (If the Quilting

Fairies help me finish it!)

   As a shop owner, I find myself torn in many ways, ordering fabric, paying bills, planning new classes, kits etc. Oh and making shop samples. I am feeling like the queen of panels. If I make something from a panel, it sells out quickly.

   We have new fabrics coming in monthly with plans for kits; which means more samples!! I'm not complaining, just wishing I had more time to work on my own projects!

   We will have a new Tilda's Toy Box project this summer: Fishies in a Pail. I have changed it a bit but it will add hours of indoor fun for children during our steamy summer months.

   We also are introducing a new teacher, her name is Diane Forrest, who will be teaching Redwork! This is a form of embroidery, done with red floss. Diane has planned some eye catching projects which are very portable - come in and see what she has to offer.

We are also going to offer a monthly personal sewing day at the shop...get together with other stitchers and who knows you might make new friends in the process. Check the newsletter for the dates and times.

   Ah Stormy Summer Months - that is the answer. Hunker down and complete as many projects as possible during this time, when being outside is so uncomfortable. That's the ticket. Let me know how much you have done and I will let you know what I've accomplished.

Until the fall,


Blocks of the Month


Block of the Month

Do you want to get ahead of the rush? Schedule a me in December to have your quilt quilted and get started now. The quilt is a 60 X 75 inch quilt made of co on and wool. Each month you receive co on fabrics for background and sashings and wool to complete the center square for that month. The kit will include all the wool and co on fabrics to complete the project, plus binding as well as patterns. You can embellish as you desire with beads, embroidery, etc.   The price is $19.95 per month. I will be meeting at the shop on the second Tuesday at 5:30 pm. If you bring in a completed month, you will be in the drawing for prizes! If you can't come please send us a picture of your completed work. Join us for the fun.


by Marcus Fabrics

This is a nine (9) month program called Star Spangled Liberty. If you love Americana quilts this one is for you. There are a FEW openings left.

Carol's Corner
 Hi Ya'll,

    I've been trying to recall what, in the way of quilting I've done in the past few months.  Unfortunately not a whole lot comes to mind.  I made three small wool sewing accessories for a class sample, put together several backs (for my daughter), attached some bindings (also for my daughter) and half finished another sample for a class.  The day before the class, as I was getting things ready, I realized the half I had put together was pieced incorrectly.  Five fabrics sewn in strips #1,2,3,4,5.  My COMPLETED half was sewn #1,2,4,3,5!  So guess what?  I fessed up, we had a good laugh and everyone had a good time!  I intend to (someday) finish the quilt.  It can live on my bed, half right, half wrong and I will probably tell everyone who sees it how I messed up.  Isn't that what we always do?

   Oh, I just finished a top for the shop called "Sergeant Pepper".  As I was ironing the backing I discovered a small hole in the fabric.  What to do?  Why not kill two birds with one stone and cover the hole with the label!  Oh, I feel so smart!  The label is in a weird spot, kind of in the middle, but I don't think the "quilt police" will care!    So here it is, month four of 2017 and not much accomplished.  But I have an excuse!  Two actually.  The first is a retired husband.  I know a lot of you can relate.  Who knew they were so needy???  The other is, well...I'm really embarrassed.  It's something I swore I'd never let happen.  Here goes:  I'm hooked on a word game on my phone!!!  It won't leave me alone!  It shows up in my hand WAY too often.  It's really challenging and makes me think, when it's not making me mad 'cuz I can't figure it out so does that sort of justify all the time I'm on it?  I don't know but don't tell anyone that it really is fun!!!  I'm trying to leave my phone in another room in the evenings so I will pull out my hexies and stitch a bit on them.  It's tough though, kind of go through withdrawals. 

   Several girls at the shop have decided to do Eleanor Burns "Underground Railroad".  In a moment of weakness, or maybe my phone wasn't close by, I joined the group.  Kay says, we have a full year to do it.  Sounds reasonable but I think we're already a month or so into the year.  I have my fabrics picked out, that's a start!  I guess my phone and I will have to come to some kind of and understanding. 

Quilting #1

Phone #2

I'll let you know how it works out.

Still Happily Stitching (and playing)


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