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Betty Johnson
Springhill Florida

She hand painted the quilt!  

The 2015 Theme is Row by Row H2O


Saturday August 8 9:00 am ‐ 7:00 pm

**Sale and Consignment items are exempt



On the 3rd Saturday of each month, come shopping and bring your bag along and you will be able to take advantage of SURPRISE SPECIALS.  For example come in October 18th and see what is on sale just for you!  You will find it is cool to be a BAG LADY.

July 18 - there will be a special price on all Christmas Fabric


Dear Quilters,

    Where does the time go?  Just yesterday I was planning for the winter and now it is spring!  I want to thank all of the quilters who came in this winter and for all of my staff who worked so hard!


   This summer we are having three Shop Hops.  From June 1st - 30th we are doing the Tropical Stroll with our twelve local shops.  20% off batiks that month - We will also be involved in the Blending the Florida Summer Shop Hop from July 17th - August 15th.  We have joined the Row by Row Experience for the first time!  Whew - that means we need to do three shop quilts and my head is spinning!  


   Gather a group of friends and make some plans to travel a bit this summer.  Remember Dade City has many fine restaurants and shops as well as our shop.  If you would like to make a day trip for your group , give us a call and we will plan a demonstration!


   I am still dyeing wool and making up kits for customers.  I have some plans for a wool Block of the Month (BOM) but I have to find the "right" materials.


   We are working on a 2015 Christmas BOM which will start in June and run for 6 months.  It measures 56" x 70" so if you're interested please watch for our next email, which we will send out as soon as we set the price.  Here is a picture of the finished project:




   I am still doing the Kim Diehl What Knot Club 2  It's lots of fun and makes for lessons in precision.  If you work on these small projects, making a larger quilt is a cinch!


   We have several days during the summer which are being left vacant for you to bring your quilting projects in the work on.  Come join us for some free advice and comradery.  We all love to see your projects finished or not.   


   We will be working on our future plans for the winter and future kits and classes.  Now is your chance to let us know what you would like to do!  We always welcome your input.   


So, keep on quilting and Enjoy the Journey


Blocks of the Month


by Sue Garman
Twelve month Program

Bouquets for a New Day by Sue Garman, is an ongoing Block of the Month. Come in and see the finished quilt hanging near the register. 

If you enjoy applique this is the quilt for you.   Bouquets for a New Day is on‐going, so you can join any time. This is a 12 month project at a cost of $24.95 per month which includes the pattern and all the fabric to complete the top.

Don't worry if you are a winter resident because we can ship it to you

by Judie Rothermel

9 months   $30.95/month (plus shipping)

This Block/Row of the Month features a reproduction quilt by Judie Rothermel that finishes 78" by 90".   It is a fun quilt to work on and extremely "doable" each month. Call or stop by to sign up as there is a limited number of spaces. You will be sent a block on the fourth Saturday of the Month. If you wish to come in to pick it up, there will be someone here to explain how the blocks were done for that month.

Carol's Corner

Hi Ya'll,


   I have been so bad lately.  It seems every gorgeous piece of fabric that has come into the shop has followed me home.  Do I have immediate plans for most of it?  Of course not!  (Thank goodness the "Quilt Police" don't patrol my sewing room, I'd be in deep trouble!)  But things are definitely getting out of hand again.  I've corralled some of it in containers but since my shelves are already overflowing they're piled in a corner on the floor, two rows deep, two rows high with more stuff on top!


   So, with reality staring me in the face I've been trying to decide what I can live without.  My wool?  Not a chance.  Flannels and homespuns?  Maybe I'll make some rag rugs out of the homespuns..some day...stays.  The cottons?  Nope. Have already parted with as much as I care to.  (Not gaining much ground here am I).  Books I went through awhile back and didn't have much luck there either.  And to be honest I've brought home more since!


   I know there are some notions I can pass along but that hardly makes a dent in the clutter issue.  What is one to do?  My solution?  Keep stacking and making myself happy, happy, happy in a frustrated sort of way.


   I do have to share that I recently finished two applique tops.  They were both so close to being done and for whatever reason got put aside. With Kay's gentle nudging they're finished.  Not perfect but two projects I can cross off the UFO list.


   My current hand project is 7/8" hexagons done the English Paper Pieced method.  What fun!  I'm using the reproduction fabrics I had set aside when I was going to do a "Dear Jane" about five years ago. (See, I can't get rid of my fabrics, I might need them!)  I plan to set them with muslin and then a row of diamonds in between.  I'm on the hunt for the perfect fabric I can fussy cut for the diamonds.  Oh gee, guess I'll have to shop some more!  I'll be teaching a class in this over the summer so if you're looking for something easy and relaxing check it out.


   Looks like we're in for a long hot summer so maybe staying in out of the heat will encourage me to finish a few more things.  Just completing a top is so rewarding!  Guess I'll be digging through those containers getting my projects in order.  Who knows, I just might find something I can pass along.  One can only hope!


   My best to all of you.  Wishing you health, happiness and a little less clutter in your life.


Still happily stitching,





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