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Dear Quilters,

This year has gone by so quickly, my head is spinning!  Summer came and went, and then we had a visit from Hurricane Irma.  I am always impressed the way people come together in times of trouble.  One gentleman who was here with one of the electrical companies from the Midwest, came in to buy a quilt for his wife.   He was then heading south of us to help in the Keys.  It was so wonderful to see people helping others.  I came home from my back surgery to find all the limbs, etc. had been cleared from my yard.  Thank you to all of those who reached out to others during that time.  Sometimes I fear we have forgotten that we are a community; Irma eased my thoughts.

   Welcome back to our snowbirds.  Come visit us and show us what you have been working on.  We have a lot of new projects starting at the beginning of the year: wool, fusible applique and pieced projects.  We are starting a Whatnot Club, making small quilts and miniatures from Kim Diehl.   We have added an Intermediate Level and a new Beginner level of Brazilian embroidery.  Tuffets are back along with a new "fun and done" project.  Come join us on Saturday January 6th for our class preview. You will meet the teachers and see the projects we will be offering.

   Before I had surgery this August, I planned all sorts of projects to work on while I was recuperating.  Carol looked dubiously at my ideas, and she was right to do so.  Not only couldn't I bend over, I couldn't even tilt my head to hand sew!  So, now I am working feverishly to finish all the projects I had imagined to already have done.  I will not add new projects until I am close to finishing the others!!  (oh those projects are for another time).  

 I hope you are all continuing to enjoy the quilting journey.

Keep on stitching,  


Carol's Corner

Hi Ya'll,

   Welcome back everyone! Another year under our belts and in my case it's not only under my belt but on my hips and under my chin! I'm just amazed every time I look in the mirror at the person looking back. How did she get in there!!!! Oh well, I am so very grateful to be as healthy as I am. As long as I can continue to pick up a needle and operate a sewing machine life is good!

   I do need to whine a bit though. I told you awhile back about my phone issue, how it won't leave me alone. Well, guess what? My good friends insisted I play a particular game also insisting it was addictive. Did I hear and understand the word "addictive"? Apparently not! Guess who's playing the game??? And my lovely daughter, Jenn, put me on Facebook of all things. Now that's a crazy addiction!! Every time my phone dings I want to know what's happening. SICK, SICK, SICK!! But if I don't check I might miss a funny animal video or a beautiful picture of a quilt or, or something! I'm whining because I've become a phone junkie which I vowed I'd never be. I've got to get off this crazy roller coaster. I have fabrics that are begging to be used and projects in dire need of finishing. I must learn to be strong and disciplined (or someone needs to hide my phone!)

   On a more serious note our area survived Hurricane Irma without too much destruction. Of course there was damage. Lots of trees down and major power outages but everyone seemed to pull together and help each other out. I feel so blessed as our home as well as our daughters made it through safely. (Jenn and Tim live on our property). We lost over 60 trees but all the cows were safe. Clean up will continue for a long, long time.

   The influx of help from around the country was just so amazing. Men and women, 40,000 strong came to offer their services. We had linemen from Connecticut and West Virginia in our area working long, long hours to restore power. Thank you to all!

   The ups and downs (and phones) of life are really getting in the way of my quilting. My sister visited again in November and we took two classes with Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts. What a delightful person! We had a wonderful time and I'm inspired again. I'm working on finishing those two projects as what I don't need are any more UFO's!

   We're looking forward to a fun and productive season with all of you. Bring in the show and tells and if you don't have the actual project I'm sure if you just pull out your phone there it will be!!

My best to all of you, 

Still happily stitching,


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