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New Summer fabrics from Moda, Timeless and Free Spirit!  

Dear Quilters,

Welcome back "Snowbirds".  We have missed you.  Hope your summer wasn't as hot as ours was. We did find time to rearrange the shop and come up with some new classes and kits.  Come in and check us out.  When you come in, you will see some new faces among the more familiar ones.  Carol is now a part- timer--she will be working now and then and will still be teaching wool classes and hand quilting.  

On Saturday, January 5th we will have a preview of coming classes from 10 to NOON.  If you sign up that day you will get 20% off the items you need for your class, if you purchase them that day. Come meet our new teachers and welcome our regular teachers!  Cindy Curcio is new to the area and will be teaching a Buggy Barn class and a wall hanging of her own design!  She showed me a new technique using a double needle...I'm sure you'll think it’s as fascinating as I do.  Judie Lindburg will be our new Beginning Quilting teacher.  Judie was a school teacher in Michigan prior to retiring to Florida.  She has also taught quilting for many years.  We are thrilled to welcome Cindy and Judie on board!  Diane LaCombe will be teaching a needle turn applique project as well as an introduction to English Paper Piecing.  Sue Anderson and Darlene Leosh will also be teaching some exciting projects.  So, check out the next few pages to see the classes we have to offer.

 This fall I took a couple of weeks off to help a friend relocate from Chicago to Oregon.  We had a wonderful road trip in spite of early snows.  We visited a number of quilts shops along the way and I was able to pick up some new patterns and ideas.  While I was gone, I let my wonderful staff make changes to the shop.  They were worried that I wouldn't like what they had done; however, I was delighted with the changes and all of their hard work.  Thank you ladies - You did a wonderful job! 

 This fall, Darlene, Diane and Diane's friend Elaine and I took a three day class in Tampa with Di Ford Hall, who is an International Designer from Australia.  We had a wonderful me and learned so much!  As a result of this class we are all hooked on English Paper Piecing, so much so, Diane is going to teach a class! 

 Come visit us and see what we are doing! 


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